The Riding of the Stee
He lies on his back while she 'sits' on his penis. She lifts herself up and down by gripping his kneecaps and he guides her with his hands on her buttocks.
The Playing of the Cello

She lies on her back and places her ankles on one of his shoulders. He clings onto her shins while thrusting. His hands can fondle her breasts at the same time.

The surprise
This position is ideal for lovers of wild, primitive sex. The man, standing, takes the woman from behind and penetrates her, holding her by the waist. She lets herself fall forward, relaxing her whole body until her hands rest on the floor. The man "surprises" the woman from behind, and controls the timing and rhythm. For her, the pleasure lies in the angle of the vaginal opening, which is limited, producing a sensation of tightness and fullness which many women enjoy. For him, a very powerful sensation extends from the head of the penis, as it moves in and out of the vaginal opening. He can also stimulate her clitoris between thrusts. The man's pleasure also comes from watching his penis enter the woman, and seeing her anus, buttocks and arched back. These are visually erogenous zones for many men. There is a sense of domination, with the woman being somewhat passive. The position also allows him to fondle her anus, or even put a finger inside if she enjoys this. This position can be very exciting for the man if the woman is wearing a skirt, but no underwear!

The Hoovering of the Floor
The male stands behind the female and lifts her by the thighs, pulling her vagina onto his penis. She supports herself on her hands. Try walking around the room while doing this.

The Black Bee
He sits down with his hands placed on the floor behind his back. She sits on top of him with her hands on his shoulders while moving up and down.

The Advanced Black Bee
Same as the Black Bee but she has her legs on his shoulders.If she now swings her hips in wide circles and makes figures-of-eight, swaying upon your body as though she were riding on a seesaw, it is Prenkholita.

The Upright Doggy
Same as the doggy position woman kneels upright. She may put her hands on his thighs or buttocks for more leverage. Although the man's crotch doesn't create any clitoral stimulation, the angle is good for more direct G Spot stimulation. Many couples enjoy the deep penetration this kind of rear entry sex position allows. It is easy for the man to set up a steady, rapid, deep thrusting. Both partners have a good range of movement and can each thrust as she can move back on to his penis.

The jellyfish
If the man is strong and flexible, this position is a very attractive variation for lovers. The man squats to receive the woman, who then rocks backwards and forwards like a hammock, with her feet firmly on the floor. Alternatively, the woman can stay still while the man does the rocking.
The Amazon
In this position, the man relaxes and lies on his back with his legs slightly open and bent in towards his chest. His erection waits for her, as the woman makes herself comfortable in a squatting position, molding to his shape. She then sits on her lover's penis slowly and gently. She uses her thigh muscles to produce up and down movements. Her man can enjoy not only the feelings but also the sight of her breasts and his penis moving in and out of her vagina. This is a position for adventurous spirits and open minds! The "Amazon" is a woman who captures her man with a wild and primitive passion!