Sex Positions

Sex Positions

The Sixty Nine lets both partners orally go down on each other at the same time.

Oral sex is a great activity!

I know that when I first starting having sex with my boyfriend, I liked sixty nine the best because we were both pleasing each other at the same time, although I had difficulty concentrating if he brought me to an orgasm.

To explain
Sixty Nine is a sexual position in which both partners engage in oral sex on each other at the same time. The lovers usually lie one on top of the other or side by side.

Try something different the Vertical 69, you lie on your back, across the bed, with your head over the edge.

Then get your partner to stand astride your face, he can then bend over and pick you up, if you wrap your legs round his neck.

Be warned make sure your partner can maintain a good grip on the you when his orgasm is reached. So stay near the bed. The plus is that you will get a really unusual sensation when you reach orgasm with your head upside down. Be very careful, make sure you are strong enough and fit enough to do this, have fun trying this position, I do!

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