Sex Positions

Sex Positions

Rear Entry or "Doggie Style", has become popular over the years, probably because it make you just feel naughty doing it.

Rear Entry is when the man penetrates the woman's vagina from behind. First, the position allows for deep penetration, the woman's body being so angled, the g-spot can be stimulated by the thrusts of the penis. Depending on how far bent over you are and how fast the man is thrusting, his testicles will slap against your vagina which can be really very exciting. Clitoral stimulation is possible by both partners.

The man can reach down, and rub your clitoris, or if preferable, you can reach down and rub your own clitoris. It is also ideal for using a vibrator on your clitoris because it’s so accessible. Try a finger massager to do this as it will slip on your finger leaving your hands free.

If you feel awkward about using a vibrator in front of your partner, the rear entry position is a great position to start in because he isn't staring down at you. It can also be a good position when pregnant as you will find it more comfort having intercourse in the rear entry position rather than missionary position.

Other plus’s are it may make you feel you are being taken by your lover, feelings of dominance, helplessness, it’s also a very basic position, I'm a naughty girl taking it from behind with exposing my anus to my partner, these thoughts can be highly erotic.

You may feel there is a lack of intimacy, as you're not looking at your lover, you're not making a very personal, very intimate connection and that's very important. But think of it as being a little selfish, just let go and experience pleasure, but if intimacy is a problem try it lying side by side, that will add some intimacy.

You may feel it is demeaning you may feel like you're giving up control by being taken from behind, it's not true; your partner doesn't have to be the one in control. He doesn't have to be the one to do the thrusting. He can stand there and the woman can push up against him. It's similar to the reverse of you straddling him but turned 90 degrees.

It may be painful and/or uncomfortable because your partner’s penis will be banging your uterus or cervix upon every thrust. If that's the case, your lover should control how deeply he penetrates you, shallow thrusting.

Spice It up
There are numerous ways to spice up the traditional rear entry position. It can be done with both partners standing, the woman bends over. It can be done lying down side by side, for comfort the woman can put her bottom leg between her lover's legs.

The woman can kneel on the floor and lay the upper half of her body across the bed. There's also the wheelbarrow position in which the man lifts and supports the woman's legs while she holds on to the back of a chair and rests her forearms on the seat of the chair. Try once this once he’s penetrated you: bring your legs together and squeeze slowly and gently.

This provides heightened stimulation for both partners. Just make sure he has penetrated you and squeeze gently, don’t strangle his penis. By tightening your muscles you’ll experience more stimulation.

Since men are visual creatures, put on a show. Gyrate against him, slap your own buttocks. Grab your breasts. If you can reach around and grab his testicles, do so, but gently. So go on try it you will enjoy it I know I do.

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