Sex Positions

Sex Positions

Side by Side or "Spooning", can be very intimate and are good for all those romantics, it allows you to be very close to your lover.

It does mirror all the 'on-top' positions except the partners are now laying on their sides.

If the man faces the woman and the woman has her back towards the man, he can actually hug her as he penetrates. It really does bring cuddling and sex together at the same time.

It also been known as the sneaky, the he can wake his you up in the morning by slipping into you, a nice way to awake!

Although he might not realize that you need to moisten up his penis before sliding it into a dozing vagina.

The added bonus morning "dog-breath" need not be of putting!

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  1. by Dan 13th Jun 2008 13:14

    I'd love to meet the Woman who would like to be woken up like that... If I tried I'd get a slap...

  2. by Carol 21st Jun 2008 21:17

    I have been awoken in that position, many times,and love it.
    It is one of my fav. positions especially in the morning,,,with messy hair,,,jungle breath etc.
    Different strok... Read More

  3. by foxylady 23rd Aug 2008 20:36

    I love to fall asleep after spooning and to stay in that position can bring 2 people closer....and then to be woken up like's hot and sexy and a great way to start the day.......

  4. by drew.. sex kitty 14th May 2009 13:53

    i love to spoon , but im nt good at it, aome one help me with some tips.
    one time i got a girl pregnant , her name is mel.
    but she sold it on ebay. im dating a girl .. but im in queb... Read More

  5. by lexi 27th Oct 2009 20:38

    hey Dan there are plenty of girls out there that like been woken up like that. I love spooning it’s the best way to wake up in the morning and it really sets you up for a good day, i ... Read More

  6. by lexxi 25th Oct 2010 05:16

    Yea!! Its the best way to wake up :D

  7. by jill 23rd Nov 2010 23:32

    Hey i'm just wondering is it possible for a man with a 4 to 5 inch penis have sex in this position?