Being a sex goddess means work! Constant work, it takes time, it takes planning, it takes determination, but the rewards can be worth every little bit of effort.

What makes a Goddess:
Sex goddesses don't absentmindedly take the wax out of her ears. She would not try to secretly pick her teeth, or chew gum. She won't clip her toe nails in bed, even if she's been married for lifetime, because letting it all hang out is not an option

Sex Goddess’s are sensitive and tender yet when aroused you can lust after her as she dances and the steps of pleasure. Beware though when angry, she turns wild and savage, becoming a destructive force that is both enthralling as much as it is infuriating.

The true mark of a Goddess is, she plays with others, but they can not play with her!A Sex Goddess will eat more than salad, and if eating out they won't keep sending their food back to the kitchen, food is passion, and picky eating shows a lack of passion.

A sex goddess will look right at people when they talk to her, she will ignore any distraction, total and complete attention is so very seductive.

A Sex goddess cares about the men in her life, but she won't try to mother them. She will suggest that he takes an umbrella if it's going to rain, but only once and if he does not, then that’s it!

But when it comes to the more subtle points these are what will determine a true sex goddess.

A true Sex Goddess always keeps her man off balance and feeling sexy by noticing--and mentioning--the little things about him that turn her on, like the scent of his aftershave, the muscle tone of his shoulders, the sound of his voice on the phone, a particular sexual technique that he is good at. She will unexpectedly leave him a gift maybe in his briefcase, or in his jacket pocket, infrequently enough that it will always be a surprise. Anticipation can be the biggest aphrodisiac,

Confidence power dressing walking tall makes you "ooze" sexy appeal which makes you a sex goddess

All marks of a true Sex Goddess

Knowing you look fantastic when you walk in a room and that you are going to turn heads, and that every man their is looking at you but can’t have you giving you that power makes you feel like a sex goddess.

Teasing whether it’s your partner or just the opposite sex by showing just a little not a lot gets minds wandering.

  1. by Christina Wilson 07th Mar 2008 00:33

    I completely agree with your statement, i too am a sex goddess that pulls all the boys from the neighbourhood. ;)

  2. by jess 03rd Apr 2008 00:42

    christina, if you're pulling all the neighbourhood boys you're a bicycle - not a goddess.

  3. by Riya 02nd Aug 2010 12:16

    Being an attractive female enhances a lot a males to approach me...I've also went out for dates with a few but haven't had sex with any of them despite their cravings for me.Is it neces... Read More

  4. by Tiffany♥ 15th Oct 2010 04:36

    I love being a sex goddess and that's that

  5. by A Man-Tiger 03rd Jan 2012 19:08

    And what I really mean to say is that all women deserve to be treated like goddesses and not just in relation to sex... if men worship their women then the woman is a Goddess to him. Ev... Read More