Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage

Funnily, Richard didn’t start acting at a young age. Instead, he chose to go to Budapest to join a circus for six weeks.

After he’d come to his senses, he enrolled in London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and completed his three year course.

He then took part in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s productions of Macbeth, The Duchess of Malfi and Hamlet.

Richard then moved into TV and took on a number of small roles in many TV shows but it was in 2004 that he made his break.

He took his first leading role as John Thornton is North and South and this is where the majority of his female fan base come from.

In 2006, Richard took the major role of Guy of Gisborne in the BBC series, Robin Hood, in which he starred in until the series finished in 2009.

One of his biggest roles to date was as Lucas North in Spooks. He joined the TV series in series 7 and stayed with it for two seasons until he character died.

In 2011 he starred in the massive Captain America: The First Avenger as Nazi spy Heinz Kruger. Although it was a small role, he gave it his all a gave a brilliant performance.

He now stars in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as Thorin Oakenshield in which he and his friends travel to the Lonely Mountain with Bilbo Baggins to reclaim their treasure.

It’s his biggest role to date and is sure to define him as an actor, propelling him into A-list proportions.

It’s been announced that he will star in both The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hobbit: There and Back Again and he will also star in thriller Black Sky in-between.

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  1. by Carole Wallis 14th Dec 2012 09:48

    Richard should be Eye Candy of the Year!! He always looks great in photos chr(38) on screen - but even better in person!! Pure Perfection - this man has it all, and "the" sexiest voice on the planet too.

  2. by karen farr 14th Dec 2012 14:07

    Most definately eye candy of the week and year as far as I'm concerned. Not only eye candy but a brilliant actor and very nice person.

  3. by Mary Barnes 14th Dec 2012 14:11

    Richard is very much eye candy every day of every week. A consumate actor. Very nice to look at. So, yes, he gets my vote.

  4. by Silvana 14th Dec 2012 14:39

    Eye candy of a lifetime for me!! Not only gorgeous but also a very fine actor and from what you can gather from the interviews, a really nice person too. I adore him!

  5. by Greeny 14th Dec 2012 17:21

    Absolutely!! He's my Eye Candy of the Year,too! Richard Armitage is a very talented happy for his career!

  6. by Susie 14th Dec 2012 17:24

    I think Richard Armitage really is lovely both inside and outside, so yes he gets my vote as 'eye candy', although I think it doesn't really do him justice. He's a very talented and actor and very kind and understanding to his fanbase (I'm a devoted member of his Barmy Army. Sorry that should be 'Armitage Army'! Or was I right the first time?). Actually, I would call him beautiful, which seems a rather strange description to use about a man, but somehow it fits.

    Although I have to admit I don't like the plaid suit he's been wearing lately, not good!

  7. by val quinn 15th Dec 2012 06:21

    Should Richard Armitage be 'Eye Candy of the Week'?!! More like eye candy for the century!!
    I run a land based fan club for Richard which is in its 7th year and you have no idea how many ladies who have no internet access or some, even a computer, are in 7th Heaven having a fanzine to keep them informed of Richard's work, etc. I call these members ' the forgotten fans'! People assume that everyone has a computer - they don't! I've had letters from fans who actually thought Richard had given up acting because without the internet they had n o idea what was happening in his career.
    I am certain that Richard has absolutely no idea how much he is loved and respected; he's so unassuming and that's a rare attribute to someone who has achieved so much.
    So, not only is Richard Eye Candy, he's also a really nice person.

    Val Quinn
    Armitage's Land Army (ALA)

  8. by Victoria 16th Dec 2012 18:04

    Eye candy of a lifetime! The man is perfection ;)