Pets Come Before Partners

Pets Come Before Partners

If you have a pet then you know how much they mean to you and you could never imagine someone disliking them.

Now, research shows that if a partner took a dislike to your pet then you’d rather dump your partner than dump your pet.

The saying ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ is certainly ringing true as 12 per cent of men admitted they would dump their lady if she didn’t get on with their pet.

Incredibly, it was the women that were more protective of their pet with 25 per cent saying they would get rid of their man if they didn’t like their pet.

Brits love their pets so much that over three quarters of them will celebrate special occasions with their pets and will do so by giving their pet a gift!

The National Office of Animal Health have chosen to celebrate this by launching their make-your-own pet gifts which is part of their I Heart My Pet campaign.

As one-off designs, created by crafts expert and animal lover Amy Fleuriot, the eye-catching gifts are ideal for owners who want to show their pets how much they care.

Gifts that can be made include a pet passport holder, a decorative party collar for dogs or cats, a colourful food bowl and an Easter toy for cats in the form of a Fabergé catnip egg! Templates and instructions are free to download on

“As a pet-lover myself, I know that caring for pets all year round is vitally important for their health and wellbeing,” comments NOAH’s craft expert, Amy Fleuriot.

“Making gifts for pets is an excellent way of showing them you care and can also be great fun. The ‘I heart my pet’ gifts will be perfect for all pet owners looking for an original and entertaining present, and particularly for the many owners who like to celebrate special occasions with their pets.”

How much do you heart your pet? Would you dump a loved one over them? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK


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