Peter Jones Voted Perfect Husband

Peter Jones Voted Perfect Husband

It is often thought that women prefer a man's personality over his looks and wealth but a new survey shows that common thought to be quite the misconception!

Peter Jones, the multi-millionaire Dragon, has been voted as the perfect husband by British women and it was certainly not for his colourful personality.

The poll, conducted by dating site, found that British women value wealth and status above anything else in a man.

This could explain why Peter topped this list as he is worth a reported £220m according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

Another quality that British women looked for in a husband was an entrepreneurial mindset, which was voted as the number one job that women look for in a man.

However, it isn't all about the money; despite footballers being worth millions, women would give them a wide birth and ranked the footballing profession way down the most desirable job list at number 19.

Despite being voted the perfect husband Peter Jones isn't actually married, although he does have five children with his long-term partner.

The results of the survey were as follows -

The top five perfect husbands were:
1 Peter Jones
2 Sir Richard Branson
3 Prince William
4 Daniel Craig
5 Colin Firth

The top five turn-ons were:
1 Wealth
2 Status
3 Looks
4 Trust
5 Dynamism

The top five jobs were:
1 Entrepreneur
2 Chief Executive
3 Actor
4 Banker
5 Lawyer

SeekingArrangement founder Brandon Wade said, "Money has always been the greatest aphrodisiac.

"It proves that money can buy you love. Show me a highly successful millionaire who doesn't have a beautiful and sophisticated wife - no matter what he looks like."

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