Zero Men Would Describe Partner as Perfect

Zero Men Would Describe Partner as Perfect

It appears that the perfect woman is a myth and does not exist, as out of 2000 men surveyed, not one of them described their partner as perfect.

On average, men rated their partner at 67 per cent, claiming their shortfalls to be their dislike of sport, obsessive cleaning qualities and bad temper.

The research from hair care company Remington discovered that 8 out of 10 men don’t believe that the perfect woman exists.

But it also appears that perfect isn’t what men are looking for. Only 20 per cent say they would want their partner to be perfect and half of men feel their current partner is ‘the one’ for them.

Vicky Williams, Remington Marketing Director, said, “We are surprised that more men are unable to describe their partner as perfect, but it could be that they’re just more realistic in what they want.

“It’s good to see that the images of perfect models and celebrities that flood our media aren’t creating unrealistic expectations in people’s relationships.”

“Of course men may well be vocal in their appreciation of an Angelina Jolie or a Cheryl Cole in the pub with their mates but it shows that they know that these cannot be classed as real women.”

Taking too long to get ready featured on the list of women’s imperfections, as did always having to have the last word.

Some men even went so far as to say that their partner really needed to shave their armpits more!

Six in ten men feel their partner deliberately tries to change them, with dress sense and diet the areas she’s most keen on ‘fixing’.

A surprising one in four men feel their partner tries to influence who they keep as friends and choose to socialise with.

Despite this, over a third of men didn’t get angry and insisted that if their partner was trying to change them, it was probably for the best.

If men were to change their partner, the first thing they would do is to try to make them be more relaxed- while more optimistically, getting them to enjoy sport and be more adventurous also featured in the list of what men would change.

Shockingly, one in four men said they felt their partner had let themselves go a bit since they had first met!

Only 40 per cent of men said that they fully understand their partner, with 70 per cent of men saying that they are often confused by their partner throwing mood swings that they didn’t see coming.

But while perfection may not be real, men do appreciate their other halves – a quarter admit that they are ‘punching above their weight’ in relationship terms, and 45 per cent would readily admit their partner is the more attractive person.

The research follows a study in December of last year in which 2,000 women studied rated their partners at 69 per cent perfect – all is fair in love and war!

Vicky continued, “In any relationship it’s not about striving to be perfect, but getting that balance between staying true to who you are and going the extra length to please a partner.

“While working on your appearance is something both genders appreciate in a partner, the biggest imperfections cited by both sexes are just little things that can easily be changed.

“The average woman may not be able to compete with the image of a Miranda Kerr but there are still a number of small changes they can do to make a big difference.

“Of course, there’ll always be disputes over what to watch on TV, driving styles and housework, but that shouldn’t determine whether people are right for one another.”

And it seems when it comes to relationships things really do get better with age – the under 25′s rated their partner’s most harshly in terms of perfections while the over 55′s scored their partners the most favourably.

Those under 25 were also twice as likely as the older generations to believe in the concept of a completely perfect woman.

When pushed to name their perfect celebrity woman, British men were most likely to vote for Kelly Brook, followed by Cheryl Cole with Holly Willoughby in third.


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