Women Would Rather Get Dumped Than Weigh Themselves

Women Would Rather Get Dumped Than Weigh Themselves

We all fear the Christmas weight gain but some women fear it so much that they would rather get dumped instead of weighing themselves this January!

Onken found that 30 per cent of women rate stepping on the scales as their biggest New Year fear, compared to only 12 per cent of women saying it would be to get dumped.

Only a trip to the dentist had the greater fear factor with 32 per cent claiming this to be the thing they dread the most.

Having a colleague see them naked (19 per cent) checking their bank balance after a shopping splurge (19 per cent) and taking a driving test (9 per cent) are all feared less than the weigh in by UK women.

Women’s aversion to a weigh-in post Christmas leaves most postponing the first step on the scales until a whole two weeks after Christmas day, with a fifth daring not to step on the scales until past 8thJanuary.

Despite the fact that 26 per cent of women do not put as much weight over the festive period as they expect to, a massive 40 per cent refuse to get weighed after Christmas at all. 

The Onken survey of over 1,300 also revealed 18 per cent of UK adults would lie to their friends and family if they’d broken their New Year’s resolution.

Men are deemed to be the sneakier sex as 20 per cent would try and convince their friends that they’d stuck to their resolution when they hadn’t, compared to a smaller 17 per cent of women.

A further 20 per cent said that they’d feel smug if they kept up their resolution longer than their friends.

Laura Graham from Onken said, “We need to let our hair down this January and not let the pressure of resolutions get to us. With more women fearing stepping on the scales this New Year than being dumped, it goes to show that the pressure of facing their New Year’s demons is getting to the nation more than ever!”

To coincide with the survey Onken is launching a brand new Fat Free range in delicious Raspberry & Honey and Blueberry & Elderberry flavours, with less than 0.1% fat.

The new range is supported by a Facebook campaign called “Rewards not Resolutions” where shoppers can win prizes for trying the new Fat Free Onken flavours during January.

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