How do you get yourself off?

How do you get yourself off?

If you're a first timer, bored of your masturbation routine or want to increase your sexual pleasure, then look no further as we talk you through perfect masturbation for girls!

Set the Mood

Make sure that you are comfortable- light some candles if you are going to use toys get them out of your sex box; read an erotic book or watch some porn; let your mind wander onto a sexual fantasy you have not yet fulfilled or one that really turned you on!

Clitoral Stimulation

A clitoris is purely designed for sexual pleasure; this is a woman's greatest gift so don't neglect it! Use your fingers, a shower head, running water, vibrators anything that will get this little gem to shine!

Most women find it hard to orgasm without touching the clitoris despite the excitement a little g-spot action can create. Only a lucky few can orgasm from g-spot stimulation alone.

One good way to get yourself off is to take the skin around the clitoris and rub it together. Or you can stroke it, rub it or gently pinch it- it's all about personal preference so whatever works for you.

Turn your boring shower on a morning into and exciting masturbation session and use the shower head and its different pressures to get yourself off!


Try a few different designs to find one that suits you. The Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Vibrator is a great place to start as it has g-spot and clitoral stimulation as well as many different speed settings, so you are getting three times the pleasure for your money. If your clitoris is too sensitive, then use the vibrator around the general area, or put it against your clitoris through your knickers to reduce the intensity.

G-Spot Stimulation

Again there is a lot of choice for g-spot vibrators, however glass dildos, such as the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set are great as they hold the lubricant and can be used hot or cold depending on your mood. Although many women find easier using a toy, you can also use your fingers to stimulate it.

Anal Stimulation

The anus has many nerve endings and holds a lot of tension, so needs a little more care and attention. Explore it by rubbing or tickling it or use small anal toy, like the Lovehoney BASICS Smoothy Anal Prober, with lashings of lube as it doesn't produce its own lubricant. Always use an anal toy with a flared base, so its doesn't go anywhere you don't want it too!

Vaginal Stimulation

If all you want is simple penetration there there are lots of products on the market to do just that! Either a dildo or a vibrator can satisfy this urge. They might not come with fancy attachments but are great if all you are looking for is penetration.


Touching, rubbing, fondling and even attaching clamps or suction to the nipples can all be very exciting. If you're breasts are large enough, try licking your nipples yourself, your breasts are a wonderful erogenous zone that should not be ignored during any type of sex play.

There is not right or wrong way to masturbate, you can do it totally naked or explore your body with your clothes still on. Carry around handbag sized vibrator, like the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator so if you feel the urge to be naughty on the run, you have a back up! Remember to have fun and do what works for you and enjoy!

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  1. by chrisina 02nd Sep 2008 15:41

    i think its kinda creepy how u said that the clitoris is a mini penis, does that mean it gets hard like a penis too when your horny

  2. by artir 22nd Dec 2008 10:35

    Christina. The clitoris does get hard. A women can't get close to it like a man can. Believe me, when I am licking it, it is much harder. When my girl friend comes it is the most wonder... Read More

  3. by poo 19th Apr 2009 16:55

    after i did it about 3 or 4 times.... i started to orgasm over nothing and anytime anywhere... why??

  4. by Anna 02nd Jan 2011 09:56

    I needed this info thanks!

  5. by Aamirah 21st Feb 2011 20:00

    Well the way i do masturbation is just rub my fingers on my clitoris, somtimes i use saliva, it feels soo good, weirdly speaking of this i just did it about 20 minutes ago, and after th... Read More

  6. by Ryan 20th May 2011 05:42

    lol dont ask how i came across this but i like it

  7. by Dianna 27th Jul 2011 17:57

    this is how i maturbate, i start by rubbing around my clit that gets me orny. then i keep my panties on and use my three middle fingers and just go at it

  8. by Jess 31st Oct 2011 06:53

    I have tryed mastubation before but it has never worked is there something worng with me?? Im really worried.

  9. by kianna 03rd Mar 2012 16:32

    i find the most wonderful way to masturbate is with a eletric toothbrush its just like a vibrator works wonders!

  10. by Faith Prather 19th Mar 2012 14:31

    I experimented last night and found out that I almost pee'd my pants. Is that normal? I was just feeling around but it did feel AMAZING!;)

  11. by Amber 23rd Mar 2012 03:18

    You most likely did not almost pee, some women "squirt" clear liquids before or during an orgasm

  12. by Alexis. I 28th Mar 2012 07:26

    I laughed a little when you said the clit is like a mini penis hehe :)

  13. by Sweety 28th Mar 2012 07:51

    whenever I'm masterbating i used to use butter... its give good feel.. :-P

  14. by kayla 02nd Apr 2012 03:44

    i tried alot of these methods except the shower and the toys and it felt so god i started shaking i felt lkke i was about to pee and then cum came out but my bf helped me get that out ;)

  15. by Rachel 02nd Apr 2012 08:30

    When I masturbate I put my clit under running bathtub water :) you should try it;D

  16. by roxanne 04th Apr 2012 03:50

    whelll. i dont no how to stimulate my vag. i really need help. the shower head dosent work.. plz help :)

  17. by Lovingyou247 09th Apr 2012 16:28

    Try using the pump from the pool tht blows out, spread your legs far out bending your knees. Every time I take a shower I also like to use the powerful setting on my shower head and it... Read More

  18. by Julie 13th Apr 2012 10:50

    When I read this, I didn't know what to expect. Normally When I play with myself I imagine Someone Else is doing it For me
    >.< it's very embarrassing to say.
    But Once I was in my Bed... Read More

  19. by Julie1021 13th Apr 2012 11:05

    When I read this, I didn't know what to expect. Normally When I play with myself I imagine Someone Else is doing it For me
    >.< it's very embarrassing to say.
    But Once I was in my Bed... Read More

  20. by Jess 14th Apr 2012 11:39

    I don't own any toys but i use my glass perfume bottle and it feels so good. Btw this really helped me

  21. by Victoria 18th Apr 2012 02:15

    masturbation. That word that you think of imense joy. Except me. I have been trying every masturbation tecnique, including the shower, and I don't feel anything at all most of the time.... Read More

  22. by Erraydian 19th Apr 2012 05:16

    I recently discovered the showerhead, before i had just been useing pressure like from a pillow, and rubbin and i got pretty good feelins and i thought it was orgasm. But. Itturns out t... Read More

  23. by Jazmyn 20th Apr 2012 11:30

    Uhm.... Hey Ahhh. I was just wondering... i sometimes get aroused when i think of my bf. and its quite annoying when it hits me fast and i like, really need it like hell when it twitche... Read More

  24. by charm 24th Apr 2012 01:51

    i always have all my clothes on when i masturbate.. i even ask my boyfriend to help me with it, we always end up having sex

  25. by Arianne 25th Apr 2012 13:26

    I try alot of this things but I take forever to get an orasm (or at least I think its an orgasm). Is that normal for itto take so long?

  26. by geeta 04th May 2012 12:29

    i love doin it by rubbing on the clit n put my middle finger in n moving up n down it gives me great pleasure

  27. by Who cares? 05th May 2012 18:10

    I am thinking about taking up the showerhead one, I don't want to do penetration yet as my hymen is important to me, if you can say this, I tried clitoris stimulation last night and I r... Read More

  28. by azly 06th May 2012 03:10

    try pressing your clits to the pointed edge of the table yet?

  29. by only13 06th May 2012 16:34

    For me to get horny i watch or read hentai then play hentai games to get wet then i rub my clit and finger myself to orgasim

  30. by Edde 08th May 2012 06:25

    Joung girls don't forget that your parents did exactly the same thing when they were as old as you are now. They expect you to do it.

  31. by Naeem 08th May 2012 12:44

    lol... i was thinking that onli boys do mastubate...

  32. by Why? 08th May 2012 18:34

    Who cares? yes, thats an orgasm. It feels brilliant and even better when you close your eyes and fantasize about you dream guy being there with you... aaaaahhh. just thinking about it is making me wet

  33. by Lauren 12th May 2012 14:12

    Jess- I use a marker, try different sizes! I use pens, markers, toothbrushes, and anything that is big/small enough to fit inside me!! Lol

  34. by Meg 14th May 2012 00:51

    Thanks sooooo much to the person who posted the electric toothbrush idea:D

  35. by rey 14th May 2012 18:17

    hahaha lol
    I'm a men I all so masturbat hehehehe

  36. by mark 19th May 2012 15:14

    My wife loves to masturbate and I love watching her as it makes me feel so horny. she'll use her fingers or a vibrator. sometimes she'll watch a film on her own, make herself orgasm and... Read More

  37. by siiiiiiiiiii 22nd May 2012 17:22

    i m a 24 yrs old, i had never sex with any one, sometimes when i think about sex, or see any sex related video or any picture or if i any1 uses sexy languages, automatically my fluids comes out. is it normal?

  38. by thefamegame 23rd May 2012 19:08

    Siiiii - don't worry about it, your feelings and physical reaction are a natural part of sexual stimulation and desire.

    On another note, you really need to be careful with your home-... Read More

  39. by Shely 23rd May 2012 21:35

    I masturbate twc or thrc a week. Specly befr bed as it help release stress n calm me down. I recv orgasm very soon, n few minutes latr if i mastrbate i cum again. Dont knw if its gud or... Read More

  40. by cheese 24th May 2012 15:59


  41. by JJ snaz 29th May 2012 15:31

    Just using a small marker pen isn't enough for me. I use my impulse bottles. But I found out some of them don't fit inside me.

  42. by Sammy 31st May 2012 05:55

    What is a G spot? I have never heard of that before.

  43. by Yinka 03rd Jun 2012 21:54

    The Gspot it located inside the vagina 2to3 inches from the opening. It gives very intense orgasm when stimulated either by stroking or using vibr

  44. by Aljjj 05th Jun 2012 17:37

    Masturbation can be pleasurable. But we can deny the fact that it is a sin. It is inhuman and animal like. One has to be wise here. Stay aloof from the unsatiable act or enjoy the irrev... Read More

  45. by Yinka 05th Jun 2012 22:28

    True. The addictive and unsatiable act can be pleasurable BUT with grieveous spiritual consequences you dont want to face. I quit long time ago nd u too can. Remember, U re d one making... Read More

  46. by Luis 07th Jun 2012 11:39

    Incredible that this day and age there are still people who want you to feel guilty about masturbation. Animals masturbate. Does that mean it's "unnatural" or "sinful"? I don't see h... Read More

  47. by Anonymous 15th Jun 2012 07:00

    For me, the toothbrush and bathtub water work wonders ;)

  48. by Whispa 15th Jun 2012 13:18

    Sin my ass. To be honest, brushing my hair feels good I do it, eating nice food feels good, soaking my feet after a long day feels good, running my clit feels good, why is it different?... Read More

  49. by jenna nickole 18th Jun 2012 07:59

    hiiii... i masturbates daily sometime thrice in a day is that harmfull for me?????

  50. by jenna nickole 18th Jun 2012 08:47

    masturbation is really enjoyable...... i put my fingers as deep as i can....

  51. by Kate 19th Jun 2012 16:18

    i masturbate daliy but i us my shower head alot and i somtimes jeark and and twich but it fells really good. you should try playing with your pubic bone

  52. by Gelian 23rd Jun 2012 06:31

    I bite my nipples very hard and finger my vagina to get turned on

  53. by Stephanie 24th Jun 2012 08:56

    I have a lot of various toys that are so much fun to use. But sometimes I find that just using my finger on my clitoris feels so good! I rub away until I reach climax. Sometimes it t... Read More

  54. by Lara 28th Jun 2012 07:01


    i do the same thing and it feels awesome

  55. by Rosella 28th Jun 2012 14:26

    I use the faucet in the tub too I twitch ALOT but it feels SO GREAT!!!!!

  56. by yomi 24th Jul 2012 16:46

    will a girl lose her virginity thru masturbating

  57. by anonplz 01st Sep 2012 16:31

    Here's some things I personally like

    * Hitting my g spot with my harry potter wand. MERLIN'S BEARD! hahahaha
    * rubbing against the upper bone in my vagina (no idea what it's called, anyone know?)

  58. by dr.prasad 13th May 2013 19:11

    take a picture of male doing sex with his partner then try

  59. by Jaimarie Yang 13th Jul 2013 13:45

    i masturbated once:) i used the what do you call that thing on the bowl? the one splashing watr on my butt? i targetted my vagina and ooh aah ahh aaah! it feels good hileim using breast pump on my breasts aaaaah! ahh! oohh! it feelsso goodbut then myboyfriend saw me-.-i'm in his house sothe door was behnd me so i did not see him coming all i know is that we have fun! i mean when heentered meand thenpinned me to the wallsucking my breast ang inserting penis on my vagina ugh aaarrgh1!!! aaah!! itfeelsso great then we always doit i love him oohh!!wearedoingit right now! he is suckingmy vaginaoooh! ooow!ilove this SEEEXX!!! AAAHH!! yess! this is it his penis i love itthe taste of semen kills me ooh how muchi wanted him hispenis!!!! <3 he loves me i love himthatswhy we are doing this! he is now actually inserting his penis on me while doing the horse thing his on top of me and it feels so good!!! oooh! oh!oh!oh!OH!OH!OH!OH!OH!OH! slowly OOOOOHH!!!OOOHH!! thst it i love iti will suck his penis:))) fuck him so hardd!!! ahh!!! his name is MARK FUENTABELLA but he's like superman when we are having sex! heis soyummy!! @1f8c63648277f94f80b428f4e13ec2e8:disqus youre names are alike can we meetup? oohh!! SEX!

  60. by Jaimarie Yang 13th Jul 2013 13:48

    canwe have sex hottie? you cn have a free taste of paradise :)

  61. by Tom Langdon 19th Jul 2013 08:54

    i would like to taste the paradise Jaimarie Yang...

  62. by Waldo 20th Jul 2013 09:07


  63. by riya gaur 29th Jul 2013 20:25

    with time your orgasm period will be decreased and its normal

  64. by riya gaur 29th Jul 2013 20:30

    no its not just maintain your nutrition level

  65. by riya gaur 29th Jul 2013 20:32

    no you are suffering from a problem just try top make your vagina

  66. by riya gaur 29th Jul 2013 20:43

    its normal but you should have the mansturbation process

  67. by melanie 02nd Aug 2013 01:57

    I take an empty tampon dispenser and stick it in my vigina and leave it there and it feels like a mans penis in my vigina

  68. by a person 30th Aug 2013 06:30

    :( no matter how hard i try, i never orgasam...

  69. by Dave 27th Oct 2013 22:24

    More Younger girls are beginning to enjoy masturbation and learn sexual satisfaction -so beautiufl!

  70. by Dave 27th Oct 2013 22:29

    Girls any age can masturbate...

  71. by Yelrah 17th Nov 2013 04:49

    not unless she penetrates with something

  72. by Sally 19th Nov 2013 20:41

    No. You only lose your virginity when you have sex. That's what it means. A virgin is somebody, male or female, that has never had sex.

  73. by Smiley 27th Nov 2013 09:39

    How do you reach your nipples with your mouth in the first place?

  74. by a boy 06th Dec 2013 21:37

    heyy girls , m a boy n i want a advice from all of u. see i have a girlfriend . n we love each other too much . we talk all dirty things but she tells me its sinful to have sex or to smooch . she comes to my house ususlly so should i go naked n start. she will mind it or she will feel great . if she feels great i fill keep having sex . so i want an advice from u all.

  75. by virgosuns 25th Jan 2014 22:27

    Entirely not true. Virginity is a concept, not a physical state.

  76. by Jessica 02nd Feb 2014 03:01

    This is a great way to know where you like to be touched.I started to do this when i was like about 13.It is a really great age to start really.You shouldn't do in every day beacause then you might get addicted and that is really bad and if you are here's a face for you -_- -_- -_- -_- shame on you!!!!!! but ya you can buy sex toys, if your older and you can use your hands, your palm, and vibraters. It really works if some one is talking dirty to you, or if your thinking about sexual fantizes. Talk to your boyfriend, tell him to talk dirty to you! Just do it girl, or boy, or what ever you are, but mostley girls im talking about you i dont know what boys do, mabye watch porn and wat still they get horney then masage them selves i dont know and i don care! but ya hope that you do try this tecnice it is really good!!!!!

  77. by candy wilde 25th Feb 2014 07:23

    I masturbate all the time.. Its healthy for you to explore your body.. Its nothing to be ashamed of.

  78. by Shannon 30th Mar 2014 22:39

    Try the shower faucet

  79. by OrgasmOverlord 13th Apr 2014 13:50

    There is nothing wrong with you, masturbation comes naturally. Try being more gentle and start by just brushing your hands around your stomach. Lick your fingers and circle your nipples. Move down to your clitoris and make slow circles on it, gradually speeding up. Penetration is not always the key to orgasm!

  80. by hi 26th May 2014 10:37

    I cant reach my nipples to lick them. i dont know what to do

  81. by Christian woman 14th Jun 2014 22:41

    Yes, it is normal, enjoy your body.
    Thank you for saying you a virgin, save that for a good man after you are married. All girls should be masturbating long before they lose their virginity after they are married. and guess what? Once you are married and having sex with husband, you can also keep masturbating throughout your marriage.

  82. by Christian woman 14th Jun 2014 22:43

    You need to stimulate your clitoris, at the top of your vulva. No need to touch your vagina.

  83. by Christian woman 14th Jun 2014 22:47

    It is okay to masturbate just because you enjoy it.

  84. by Lexi 09th Jul 2014 18:45

    well my mum went out to the shops the other day and I was in the living room and I was having a bit off masterbating time and I didn't here her come back in so she walked in on me humping the bean bag and rubbing my clit lol embarrassed so now she has been telling me we can masterbate together

  85. by kiki 16th Jul 2014 18:27

    Oh my gosh your comment was gold!

  86. by November 17th Jul 2014 04:54

    Me neither...

  87. by Jessica 28th Jul 2014 03:55

    If you want vibration, but don't want to buy a vibrator, buy a cheap vibrating toothbrush. It feels amazing.

  88. by Jess 04th Aug 2014 00:45

    right with you on that marker...

  89. by bellababy<3 08th Aug 2014 03:11

    the easiest way to fulfill ur sexual needs if ur a girl is water... duh.... just spread ur legs underneath of warm or cold tub water and lay there until u no longer feel horney.... it may hurt at first... but the feeling is sensational... I do this every night.... and no longer feel horny after.... while ur doing it rub ur breasts.... or touch ur coochy... trust me u will feel amazing... and try to picture someone while doing it.....

  90. by DDx 14th Aug 2014 04:07

    must be your nipples grow on yr feet, salute.

  91. by Nix_Nightbird 14th Aug 2014 13:16

    Don't listen to that other lady. Waiting until marriage is idiotic. It results in you marrying the first guy who gets you horny enough that you can't wait to have sex... And then you end up married to the WRONG man. You may also end up with a man who is not sexually compatible... Then you spend your life desiring good sex, resenting the man you married, and hating this person who told you to "wait until marriage" because that is BAD ADVICE based on ridiculous ideals.

    Experiment with sex (safely!) BEFORE you permanently attach yourself to someone via a legally-binding contract (marriage). Religious folks who want you to wait are the same people who believe that women are the property of their husbands. Don't fall for that. You're your own person, you belong to no one, and your body is yours to share WHEN you please and with WHOMEVER you please, until such time as you decide you want to dedicate yourself to one person because you truly, deeply love them AND find that sex with them is fully satisfying.

  92. by Gent 69 24th Aug 2014 08:28

    It is perfectly normal ! It is just a way of your body saying it wants some relief . Have you tried masturbating ?

  93. by Brooke 18th Oct 2014 00:17

    I'm 13, and I just tried to use my mom's vibrator but it makes me really twitchy and it started to burn and it felt good but bad at the same time? I don't know if people are still replying, but... Now I feel numb and sensitive down there. I'm honestly kind of scared?

  94. by Bob 27th Oct 2014 06:36

    Don't be but start with ur hands first then go to the vibratory

  95. by Nadia 08th Nov 2014 21:00

    Try one finger and place it on your clit and rub it up and down do it slow first and then fast and then faster when your about to reach an orgasm if you have a hard time think of something that makes you REALLY REALLY wet...

  96. by baeliz 06th Dec 2014 06:07

    what's the pubic bone?

  97. by Popeye55 11th Dec 2014 09:00

    Take your electric toothbrush and place it on top of your vagina, move it around till you reach a spot that makes you feel real nice and tingly. That will be your clit

  98. by swaggyunicorn 12th Dec 2014 22:52

    How do u no u hav cum or had an orgasm

  99. by sasha 20th Dec 2014 12:25

    Omg I used my Harry Potter wand too

  100. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:04

    Julie, your account of your discovery is so erotic. It felt my blood is rushing where it ought to go. How I wish I could do it for you.

  101. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:05

    Imaginative mind....honest story.

  102. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:06

    How did you discover your "first" time?
    You have a very healthy view of sex being a Christian.

  103. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:07

    Perhaps, your clit is somewhat hidden deep? Have you tried getting yourself naked before a mirror?

  104. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:08

    good mentor, eh?
    Nadia, how did you discover the pleasure of auto-eroticism?

  105. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:09

    what a welcoming invitation. you must be a good bed partner, eh?

  106. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:11

    How erotic!
    How did you you discover the joys of putting your "fingers as deep" as you can?

  107. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:13

    You are very healthy. How I wish I could see myself your multiple orgasm. It must be very arousing.

  108. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:14

    not painful? if the table is made of hardwood, is it still pleasurable?
    very informative....

  109. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:14

    lying down?

  110. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:15

    interesting story
    how did you discover Kianna the pleasure of using the electric toothbrush?

  111. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:17

    Have you done it with a male partner? If so, it took you how many minutes before you got wet?
    Interesting info...

  112. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:18

    In seconds, eh?
    But if you are not using the pump, how long will it take you to reach the point of joy?

  113. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:19

    Candy, do you a time preference? Morning, noontime, afternoon, or evening time?

  114. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:21

    Interesting story.
    Jessica, what kind of "dirty talk" that arouses you?
    In what manner were you able to discover the pleasure of masturbation at age 13?
    Someone told you?
    It was something else?

  115. by batangpaslit 18th Jan 2015 01:22

    thank you Lucy for this item. i learned something...

  116. by Andrea 10th Feb 2015 00:07

    I'm nearly 16 and I got this sudden urge to try out masturbating and I have no clue how, I tried and I just felt silly. My friend to probe myself with my hairbrush and I felt silly and a down right fool.

  117. by Rebel 26th Feb 2015 02:23

    What is an organism when u mastirbate? Ive only done it once and it didn't felt right.

  118. by curious 26th Feb 2015 02:26

    Can u get pregnant masturbating?

  119. by Leah 05th Apr 2015 07:32

    Do you seriously believe that all religious people are still stuck back in the Middle Ages? Wording matters, and you could seriously offend someone by being that general. But that's all besides the point, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and moral code just as they are entitled to their opinions.