Men Rely on Shop Assistants to Choose Christmas Lingerie for Partner

Men Rely on Shop Assistants to Choose Christmas Lingerie for Partner

It’s a well-known fact that men aren’t the best when it comes to buying gifts, often leaving their partner to handle that side of Christmas, but what happens when they have to buy their partner’s gift?

Well now new research from shows that men rely on shop assistants when buying lingerie for their other half.

The website found that 53 per cent of men were planning on buying their partner lingerie for Christmas, with 41 per cent saying they would buy sexy lingerie.

Just over a fifth said they would buy everyday lingerie and 14 per cent said they would be looking to buy their other half nightwear.

Typically, 24 per cent of men were leaving their decision to the last minute and admitted they were going to decide when they got to the shop.

Almost half of those who said they would be buying their partner lingerie admitted to not knowing their partner’s sizes and over a third of them said they would be relying on the shop assistant to get it right.

A further 10 per cent of men said they would be relying on a female friend to help them by taking them along with them.

Just under a third of men feel confident that they can guess their partner’s size, meaning they risk removing all the romance from the gift should it be the wrong size.

Speaking about the results, Bobbie Malpass, Editor at, said, “Buying lingerie for your partner can be tricky if you head to the shop without a clue of what her size is and even more so if this is the first time you buy her lingerie.

“Even if shop assistants are always helpful, take a peek in your partner’s drawer before starting your Christmas shopping, as it’s probably the easiest way not to get it wrong.

“You will always make a great impression by getting it right the first time and you won’t have to wait for her to try it on!”

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