FemaleFirst’s 12 Men of Christmas: Ian Somerhalder

FemaleFirst’s 12 Men of Christmas: Ian Somerhalder

This American piece of yumminess hasn’t exactly broken onto the big screen yet, making the most of his success through TV, but we don’t care.

The perfectly chiselled 34-year-old gained most notoriety when he played Boone in lost, showing TV producers what he was made of.

But it wasn’t Lost that put him on our line of sight, oh no. The Vampire Diaries hit our screens in 2009 and all eyes were on Ian.

He took the role of Damon Salvatore, the badass vampire who stole our hearts as well as many innocent lives.

It’s undeniable, there’s just something about a bad boy that we love to love!

Humorously, Ian couldn’t be any less like his character. He’s a massive animal rights activist and, reportedly, an all-round nice guy!

Heartbreakingly, he’s dating his beautiful co-star Nina Dobrev, and the couple are reportedly very happy together.

The only project he seems to have in the pipeline is more Vampire Diaries, but that’s more than okay with us, so long as his keeps flashing that delightful smile and those abs.


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