Top Male First Date Fabrications Revealed

Top Male First Date Fabrications Revealed

New research shows that nearly 75 per cent of men admit to telling lies on a first date in order to impress his date.

The biggest lies came in the form of how much money they earned, what job they were in, how many previous partners they had and whether they still lived with their parents.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest lie men told was how much money they earned. Nearly two thirds of men admitted to stretching the truth about their earning power when trying to impress a woman.

More than half had said they had over-stated their career prospects, thinking it would make them more attractive.

Shockingly, 55 per cent of men said they would lie about hobbies and interests and simply tell women what they wanted to hear rather than the truth.

Downplaying their love for sports and faking their interest in animals and the arts were the main tactics to make them seem more sensitive and caring.

Incredibly a third of British men admitting to lying about their relationship status and said they would chat women up even though they were in a relationship.

Almost one in fifty said they had kept a divorce under wraps on a date with almost half of these saying they had lied about not having children.

In an attempt to look macho, 18 per cent of men said they had professed to a love of the gym despite not even being a member of one.

Two thirds of men said that they didn’t expect the person they were meeting with to be totally honest either and so felt bending the truth a little was fair play.

A spokesman from said, “Our findings show that most men have told a porky or two to try and impress their date – but this was more likely to exaggerating or playing something down rather than a blatantly lying.

“Common things they lied about included salary, who job they did and how many partners they had been with in the past – possibly in an attempt to appear more successful and less experienced with women.

“It was particularly interesting to note that men also expected that their date may also be hiding the truth on a few subjects – so ultimately it was unlikely that anybody would have a totally honest full date – which may be understandable at such an early stage of a prospective relationship.”

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