Women Are Replacing Sex With Erotic Books

Women Are Replacing Sex With Erotic Books

A recent poll suggests that nearly half of UK women would much rather read about sex than actually have it.

According to dottybingo.com, 44 per cent of the 400 site members surveyed said that they’d rather live out someone else’s sex life through a book than take part in their own.

There were many reasons for this, 27 per cent of women said it was for ease, 23 per cent said it was their lack of energy and 19 per cent said that there was a lack of imagination in the bedroom.

Forty three per cent said that erotic literature made their sex lives seem boring and routine by comparison and one of the sites users agrees with this.

She says, “I'd much rather read about it then do it. It's always exciting in a book and, unlike in real life, the hero never rolls off when he’s finished and starts snoring without so much as a cuddle.”

Interestingly, 91 per cent of women said that they had read an erotic novel and 68 per cent said they would like to do so more often.

Dotty Bingo put this down to the rise of e-reading as it allows you to read a racy book wherever you like and no one would know any better.

It seems that the women of Britain are becoming more demanding, so this means that the men of Britain need to step up before they are replaced by books.

A spokesperson for Dotty Bingo says, “The majority of women polled still preferred the real thing, which is at least some consolation to the men out there.”


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