Couples Reveal Partner's Bad Relationship Habits

Couples Reveal Partner's Bad Relationship Habits

Leaving the toilet seat up? Make-up all over the bathroom mirror? What’s your biggest irritation when it comes your partner? conducted a survey to find out what the biggest annoyances are when it comes to our partners.

Women hated how men couldn’t undertake even the simplest tasks such as household chores and shopping.

Whereas men hated that women never appreciate their hard work around the home and often don’t take them seriously.

Malcolm Ord Managing Director of said, “It's the same old problem, most of these findings just boil down to a lack of communication between couples. If they took notice of each other's interests, half of these issues would simply disappear."

Malcolm conceded there were some problems that not even a magazine subscription could fix. He said, “Gents - leave the toilet seat down. It's not worth the trouble. And ladies - he does love you, he just can't put it into words.”

Top things women hate about their male partners


Dresses like a scruff


He hates shopping

He never does any housework

Leaves the toilet seat up

Won't obey simple house rules

Never shows an interest in things I like

Dreadful Christmas and Birthday presents

TV always left on Sky Sports

Top things men hate about their female partners

Takes hours to get ready

She loves shopping - too much

Spends too much on a haircut

Nagging over DIY jobs

Endless TV soap operas

Can't park the car

Doesn't like criticism of her cooking

She never notices when I've done the housework

She starts conversations with the words ‘You never listen to me’

Four hour phone conversations to either mum or best mates

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