Rebekah and husband Tony work together in their Avon business

Rebekah and husband Tony work together in their Avon business

So many couples find it hard to make time for each other, what with jobs, children and all the other commitments life brings, it can be difficult to make time for your partner.

For most families, both partners having to go to work is the norm and this can lead to them being driven apart by work related commitments.

So what if you could kill two birds with one stone and still go to work to earn that much needed money, but spend time with your partner as well?

Many couples are now considering working together to bring money into the family home. It makes sense, you both know how each other work and have the opportunity to make decisions that can benefit the both of you, all the while spending more time together and improving your relationship.

Rebekah Testar and her husband Tony both own their own Avon business and have reaped the benefits, both in terms of success and in terms of their relationship.

Rebekah started her Avon business eight years ago whilst her husband Tony worked in the financial services industry, but they found it difficult to spend time together.

Rebekah says, “He was usually out the door by half seven to eight o’clock and then back at seven so I don’t suppose we really saw that much of each other, but we see a lot more of each other now.”

Tony had found to be suffering from high blood pressure after a medical and was forced to give up his job. After seeing how well his wife was doing, he also started his Avon business and now he and his wife work side by side.

Rebekah says, “It’s really great, you know, we’re together all the time and in fact, on the rare occasions that we are apart, it feels really strange.”

A bonus point, and a large factor in Rebekah and Tony’s decision to start their business’, was the fact that they get to spend a lot more time as a family.

Rebekah says, “We fit our business strictly round the children, round their holidays, we have the time in the summer and they travel with us. We went to Edinburgh last week and recruited around Scotland and they were with us so it’s a family affair really.”

Dr Lisa Turner feels that working together depends upon the masculine and feminine energies within the relationship. She says, “Masculine energy is focussed, logical organised, had good boundaries, is structured, tends to say no. Feminine energy is creative, raw power, dynamic and inspirational, free flowing, and tends to say yes.”

Dr Lisa says that in relationships we tend to attract the opposite of ourselves in terms of these energies. This can be beneficial as they can level each other out and keep the feminine energies from making rash decisions and the masculine energies from playing it too safe.

Dr Lisa stresses that these can work in a working relationship so long as each party is comfortable in their role and are happy and able to switch the roles between work and home life. Visit her website,, for more on this theory.

It seems that if you’re relationships is already a strong one, working together can certainly enhance it and bring you more of the family time that’s so crucial to making a relationship work.

If you are looking to start your own business as Rebekah and Tony did, visit for more information.


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