Do exaggerate the truth!

Do exaggerate the truth!

According to Pukka Pies, one third of ladies spin their Facebook page, as we are guilty of de-tagging, changing check ins and sharing links (often that we have not read) to make us look better in our friends’ eyes. 

Photo shopping- One in three are editing photos of themselves before loading them online- altering skin tone and to remove spots or blemishes. So we can’t criticise magazines for doing the same!

Facebook Photos- 40% of women have specifically asked to have a photo taken that they intend to use on Facebook, so they can vet it first.

Exaggerating career developments- A word here, a phrase there, and it sounds like you are on way more money and are having a much more exciting time than actually you are!

Social Life- Most of the time you are at home on the couch with a bottle of wine and a takeout- but those days are neglected as you post about the most interesting ones to fool people into thinking that you are never in!

Domesticity- You only post your house when it’s lovely and tidy or when you have bought something new so people think you live like that all the time!

Parenting skills- Forget the nights you have stayed up with your little one, with no sleep and driven to the point of insanity- but instead you post when your child does something cute or when you have excelled in the parenting department.

Wayne Greensmith of Pukka Pies said:

“One of the main ways people communicate today is via social media.

“This means it is now easier than ever to embellish the truth, whereby honest, authentic content is becoming increasingly harder to find.

“When you meet someone in person there’s nothing to hide behind; no Photoshop, no delete button and no option to de-tag yourself, but online, there are endless ways of showing off to make yourself appear more exciting.

“As such, Brits are now thinking carefully before posting status updates to make sure they are happy with what they say.

“They are choosing only the best photographs and videos to make sure they are at their most attractive and they are selective about materials and online content they link to, so as to appear intelligent and knowledgeable.”

Check Ins: You don’t check into everywhere you go- the supermarket, the corner shop or for a run, you only check in to the places that might make people jealous- a holiday, a concert, a stand up show. Almost half of women feel jealousy of other people’s statuses- so they do this to repay the envy!

Old profile pictures: A picture of when you were slimmer, or had different hair, because you don’t like the way you look now, so people who haven’t seen you in years think that is what you look like now!

De tagging- You de-tag from a picture that you have a double chin in or the act you are doing is so embarrassing you don’t want the rest of the world  to know you did it!

All in all, most women on Facebook are far less attractive, less of a party animal and less exciting than their posts, profiles and pictures imply!

Wayne Greensmith added:

“It’s hard to figure out on Facebook and Twitter what is honest content and what is an inflated claim.

“On a wider level, it is increasingly difficult to know who to trust and how to spot what is honest and authentic.

“Faced with an ever-growing amount of exaggeration and over-embellishment, we predict that Brits will soon return to realising that it’s the simple pleasures in life that matter the most.”


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