What could you find?

What could you find?

Www.SIMOnlyContracts.co.uk, has found out the five ways the Brits get around having an affair with their phone, so they don’t get caught out by their partners.

Put a lock code on mobile phone – Changing the password is an easy way to ensure that you can’t access your partner’s phone unless he has been silly and used a universal password or he has opted for a predictable one. If you have gone from being able to access his phone, to check out Facebook when yours has died- to not being able to- then alarm bells should be ringing!

Purchased a second SIM card – This is something that is harder to detect, but you could catch him at a time when the wrong SIM is in his phone, depending on how vigilant he is with changing them over!

Used a pseudonym for a lover so partner wouldn’t suspect anything – Short of going through his entire phone book and trying to identify each name and ringing the ones you don’t recognise- this is even harder to discover if you are suspicious. You could ask him who they were and if he stumbles- that might be an indication that he doesn’t have a good lie for who she is yet!

Deleted all texts and call log – Most people, unless they are a technology minimalist leave their latest, missed calls untouched and often forget to delete them. If this box is clean; this might not be an indication of how anal he is about the appearance of his phone.  

Purchased a secret second mobile phone – If he has a second mobile for ‘work’ it might be worth checking if the messages are actually work related and not sexts or arrangements to meet up somewhere while you are out with your mates.


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