Elite Singles have dispelled the common myths associated with Valentine’s Day. 

What myths have you been told?

What myths have you been told?

Women are needier than men 

Many think that women are the ones who crave affection on this day to get through in a Bridget Jones act of desperation. However, 45% of men would rather be in a dead end relationship than be alone! Some company is better than none right guys?!

Flowers have to be sent from your partner 

Who are they from? Ahem- me!

10% of singles said that they had sent themselves flowers with a card on the day of love. This can extend to anything you want- buy yourself a gift and get it delivered on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's is the best day for proposing!

Will you marry me? Not today!

It may seem like the perfect time to pop the question but 40% think that this day is too cliché to call itself romantic. Put that ring away!

Every couple must have sex on this day.....

Sex? No thanks…

62% of men believe that Valentine’s Day is the day for sex- but the sex has to be somehow better- new lingerie, a new sex toy, a new place- something that differs from the norm. 50% of females have the opposite outlook, however the small percentage that do want sex also expect it to be good!

Break up with your partner before the big day! 

I thought we should wait….

A quarter of singles said that if they wanted to break up with their partner, they would leave it till after Valentine’s Day, so perhaps not having someone is better than getting dumped the day after!

Elite Singles’ psychologist Wiebke Neberich had this to say; “Singles tend to forget that our loneliest moments are not only when we’re single. The difficulties of a bad relationship can bring feelings of loneliness and helplessness far worse than single life, and Valentine’s Day is a confrontation with this reality. The key for singles is to remember that happiness comes from the quality of their personal relationships; whether these are close friends or a truly loving partnership”. 

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