Falling for someone else!

Falling for someone else!

Vouchercloud.com has found that the main reason for a relationship breakdown is the lack of spark between the couple, with a massive 52% attributing a recent separation to this. We find out what other factors cause people to go their separate ways.

The ‘spark’ was no longer there- Love can fade, you try less and take your partner for granted which all contribute to losing that spark. When the excitement of the honeymoon period fades, that is when you really know if your can continue with the relationship. Despite the arguments and hard times if it’s right there is a still that twinkle in your eye when you see each other.

Infidelity – If anything is going to tear a relationship apart it’s sleeping with another person- it basically says that you don’t respect the other person enough to be honest and admit it’s not working but rather go behind your partner’s back to stop you feeling bad about your relationship.

Arguments over money worries- Some of the key issues within this includes imbalanced spending- if one spends more than the other, which could end up in not being able to pay bills if neither of can support a budget overspend. Stress can also get too much when having little or no spare money at the end of the month. It can be hard if you like to go out for meals, shop or have activity based weekends and evenings. The division of bills is also frequently named as a reason because an imbalance can cause resentment if both of you are on equal wages. For a massive 43% of you dating again would take your partners finances into account, compared to 57% who say that love will conquer all.   

Personality clashes became too much – Opposites attract- or so they say- however if you are too opposite, then it can but a huge strain on your relationship. Perhaps you can’t agree on a holiday choice, or a concert, or a movie and more deeply- your morals, attitudes and behaviours towards things and people. A contrast can sometimes be a leveller, but too much and there will never be a meeting in the middle.

One half fell for someone new – Perhaps they remind you of the feelings you once had for your partner and you will never get them back, maybe they treat you better than your current partner and being with them is just easier and more comfortable. The luckiest of all the options I guess because at least you know you won’t be single and wondering when Mr Right will come along.  

Matthew Wood of vouchercloud.com made the following comment:

“Whether we like it or not money is a huge influencing factor in our lives. Whilst we might not like the thought of having a relationship that’s impacted by our income, it’s often inevitable that it will interfere with it at least to some extent. Having said that though, if you’re stingy when it comes to paying for anything and expect your partner to foot every bill, then you only have yourself to blame. Counting the pennies at every opportunity, whilst financially sound, can often cause friction. Sometimes there’s more to life than money!”



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