Today is National Peach Melba Day so we find out how peaches can make your sex life better if you are looking to conceive and the saucy connotations the fruit has across the world.

Encourage him to have more peaches in his diet

Encourage him to have more peaches in his diet

Frozen peaches are a great source of vitamin C so it's important to get your man to eat as many as he can; "Men who don't take in enough vitamin C produce lower-quality sperm," says Althea Zanecosky, R.D., a nutritionist in Philadelphia.

The University of Texas found that men who have at least 200 mgs of vitamin C per day have higher sperm counts, than men who eat foods containing none or very little.

Vitamin C keeps sperm from clumping so they have a better chance at fertilising your egg according to Marc Goldstein, M.D., director of the Cornell Center for Male Reproductive Medicine.

So if he is keen on a smoothie on a morning, or likes a bowl of cereal- throw some peaches into the mix and enjoy the benefits if you are trying for a baby.


According to The Sex Life of Food: When Body and Soul Meet to Eat- women have complexions that look like peaches and cream. Thus making the association of the fruit with the sex appeal of a female.

The Chinese believe that the juices from a peach are like the syrups of the vagina.

Both the Chinese and Arabs think that the deep, furry cleft of a peach is symbolic of female genitalia.

Arabs use the word peach for many forms of oral sex.

The French use the word 'peche' to talk about sex, particularly the missionary position.

In England, a 'peach house' is a word use for a whorehouse.

There is so much more to this seemingly innocent fruit than you think.

Source: Men's Health and She Knows

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